Did the FIFA World Cup Bring the Zika Virus to Brazil?

Did the FIFA World Cup Bring the Zika Virus to Brazil?

It is a virus began in Africa in 1947 when researchers skilled with Yellow Fever and infecting monkeys with the disease. As viruses do it mutated and became what is now often called the Zika virus, named after the Zika jungle where the research took place. By 1954 that they had their first case of the disease in a Nigerian man. From then on it spread slowly into different African and then Asian areas until a serious outbreak in 2007 on Yap Island in the Pacific.

It was quickly found within the Pacific Islands before a big outbreak in 2015 in Brazil, after the World Cup was staged there. One may pretty much conclude that it’s now a universal disease with circumstances showing also in North American regions.

So how may this horrible state of affairs go by without the publicity that it’s now getting? Why did the World Well being Organisation cover it up and the Olympic Games Committee not do something about it when it now threatens the staging of the Games? Many athletes have already pulled out for fear of taking the virus home to their families.

Like other viruses it remains within the semen for months after it is contracted. It has been confirmed that it is sexually transmitted. Meaning no one is aware of when it will be protected to have interaction in sexual practices after diagnosis.

The world well being is in decline and issues are altering quickly as populations explode and world warming and local weather change take effect. Because of my memory of reincarnation and hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe it is my opinion that we are in the last days, a view held by tens of millions of others. Additionally it is noted within the Old Testament that indicators might be given and one of those is the looks of the Mountain of God to which all people will flow.

The Internet matches that description and other indicators are additionally coming true that have been famous therein, resembling that all will return of their bodies on the finish for judgment (Isaiah 26:19). This would account for the huge population explosion we’re experiencing and for the unfold of diseases and different issues over which we’ve got no control.

It is also noted in prophecy that a entice is set from which we can’t escape (Jeremiah eleven:eleven,12) whereas the Spirit will tackle an issue with the nations (Jeremiah 25:31,33). Surely that can also be occurring now as religions are taken to activity and their teachings fall apart.

Cash and the large investments in time, effort, assets, and coaching make it unattainable to stop the games just because it did when the World Cup was held. These two events in the identical place were no accident however a move by God to bring concerning the end because it promised.