Oxygen: A Remedy for All Diseases

Oxygen: A Remedy for All Diseases

Oxygen is without doubt one of the most plentiful elements found within the Earth’s crust. It is usually the third most commonly occurring ingredient within the universe. The non-metallic fuel is alleged to constitute greater than 65% of the human body, three quarters of sea water and round half of dry soil. These factors make it clear how important the oxygen is to sustaining life on the planet Earth.

There could be no life within the absence of oxygen. Medical analysis has demonstrated that every one illnesses occur when oxygen levels decline in our bodies. Dr Otto Warburg, a biochemist and Nobel Prize winner has demonstrated that most cancers is brought on by lack of oxygen in the cells. He avers that cancer cells cannot develop in an oxygen wealthy environment. He further provides that when cell’s power is changed by fermentation because of lack of oxygen, there opens a door that can lead to cancer. He furthers his argument claiming that major reason behind most cancers is the substitute of the conventional respiration of physique cells with the respiration of cells without oxygen.

Our body uses oxygen to burn meals and removes toxins and waste by way of oxidation. In actual fact, the non-metallic gas regulates all functions of our body. Every moment we are taking in new oxygen as our life will depend on it. It is wanted for energization of cells enabling them for regeneration. Our brains need oxygen for processing information. In reality, around 20 per cent of the full oxygen in our physique is utilized by the grey matter. All organs require oxygen for finishing up their functions smoothly. All capabilities like speaking, considering, transferring and feeling require power generated from oxygen.

Being highly reactive, oxygen can combine with any element to form compounds which might be essential for building and maintaining our body. For example, the non-metallic element joins with nitrogen and hydrogen to type proteins. It joins carbon and hydrogen to produce carbohydrates. And, it combines with hydrogen to kind water. All residing beings rely on the highly reactive ingredient for burning or oxidation of food.

There are scientific studies that show that oxygen focus ranges in the environment are getting diminished by 0.8 per cent every fifteen years. It’s stated that the extent of oxygen in the ambiance has fallen below 20%. In more populated areas, the oxygen ranges are anticipated to be even worse. The depletion is certain to have damaging effects on our lives. To cope with such a scenario, we’d need to take oxygen dietary supplements or opt for oxygen therapy. It is substantiated by scientific studies that blood deficiency in oxygen is the primary reason behind metabolic disorders. Its most common impact is seen in creation of uric acid within the body.